Eurogypsum’s Webinar: Biodiversity in Quarries Experts discuss raw materials sourcing and ecosystems protection 29.3.2021

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March 26, 2021
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May 26, 2021
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Can we secure the supply of raw materials for the European Green Deal while keeping biodiversity alive? How do we face this challenge?

Eurogypsum organised a webinar on 29 March 2021 with experts from the European Commission, academic and industrial horizons, to look at the practice of ecosystems management in the extraction of raw materials, using the example of gypsum quarries.

We questioned to what extent such activities are a threat or a help to biodiversity, and how the positive contribution of quarries to biodiversity can be properly accounted for. We also looked pragmatically at how sustainable raw materials sourcing can be secured to achieve Europe’s Green Deal objectives.

The speakers highlighted the importance of the extractive sector in addressing Europe’s biodiversity challenges. Legislation and voluntary commitments jointly contribute to sustainable practices in raw materials sourcing. A major key to success for the speakers was the need to be inclusive: Informing and properly involving extractive industry workers, authorities, economic and civil society actors in biodiversity management

The environmentally friendly management of quarries is already a top priority for the gypsum sector, and we are committed to keeping on supporting Europe’s biodiversity agenda. The recording of our webinar is available here and you can also download the speakers’ presentations for further details.