Thanks to unrivalled fire protection and temperature balance properties, and their extensive use in energy efficiency systems, gypsum solutions are indispensable for sustainable construction. With a low embodied carbon, plasterboard and other gypsum products such as plaster or gypsum blocks are materials of choice to achieve Europe’s climate neutrality objectives in 2050 and contribute to the Renovation Wave of our buildings. 
Light-weight gypsum solutions also allow for new and more sustainable building and urban development models, such as modularity or construction on top of the existing building structures.

Possible savings on elevations -Comparison of costs to heighten new building

In Germany, more than 1.5 million residential apartments can be built on the roofs of existing buildings in an affordable way in cities with high density of population. The 1.5 million additional housing apartments avoid at the same time land use from 150 to 210 million m²

For the past 10 years, Eurogypsum has been engaging with European institutions and stakeholders, including through forums in the European Parliament, to explore and debate the most promising trends in sustainable construction.