Through its meetings and other activities EUROGYPSUM brings together representatives of competitors from the European gypsum industry. The subject matter of EUROGYPSUM activities is technical in nature and there is no attempt to restrain competition in any manner.

EUROGYPSUM requires that its members and attendees unequivocally support the aims of antitrust and competition laws and their uncompromising intent to comply strictly in all respects with these laws. Any conduct that is contrary to the applicable antitrust and competition laws is contrary to the EUROGYPSUM policy.

The penalties which may be imposed upon EUROGYPSUM, its members and the individuals involved in any violation of the antitrust and competition laws are so severe that good business judgment demands that every effort be made to prevent such violation.

It shall be the responsibility of every member of EUROGYPSUM to be guided by the EUROGYPSUM policy of strict compliance with the antitrust and competition laws in all EUROGYPSUM activities.

Antitrust compliance is the responsibility of every EUROGYPSUM member.