#EG60, EUROGYPSUM is 60!

Whilst gypsum has been around for millennia now, Eurogypsum turned 60 years old in 2021. 60 years representing gypsum extracting and gypsum product manufacturing across Europe is a big achievement and a testimony itself of the ability of our industry to innovate itself and keep up with the times.

In this Guide, we want to show you 60 examples of remarkable, challenging, sustainable, affordable and aesthetic achievements with gypsum. From residential buildings to bakeries or museums, these examples illustrate our commitment to sustainability over the years.

Sustainability for us means the respect of the environment in which we operate, it means energy and resource efficiency, flexibility and adaptability of the built environment to users’ evolving needs and aspirations for comfort.

These examples also show that no compromise is needed between a building’s performance, its environmental impact, affordability and aesthetics. Gypsum products are an ideal component to make all these objectives match.

As we recently celebrated the hundred years of the Bauhaus movement and the European Commission launched a cross-cutting initiative entitled the New European Bauhaus, the current guide invites you to look at the beauty and versatility of a material integral to Europe and fit to design the future. Enjoy this trip across Europe’s buildings!