Boosting circularity in construction: Take-aways from the 5th European Gypsum Recyclers Forum

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Eurogypsum organised the 5th European Gypsum Recyclers Forum on 26 May 2021 in the form of an online webinar, including presentations by institution and industry representatives and a moderated discussion on circularity in construction and the way towards increased recycling of gypsum. More than 70 participants attended the webinar, which was moderated by Chris Davies (Rud Pedersen Public Affairs).

You couldn’t attend the webinar? You’ll find below a link to the video on our Eurogypsum YouTube channel. You can also download the speakers’ presentations and an annex with short summaries of interventions, questions asked during the webinar and some elements of answer.

Based on the discussions held at the Forum, Eurogypsum has prepared a series of recommendations for EU and national policymakers, as well as gypsum recycling and processing operators, to increase the actual recycling of gypsum and promote circularity in the construction ecosystem:

  • Promote demand for recycled content
  • Facilitate a larger market offer for recycled content
  • Support transformational changes in the construction ecosystem
  • Avoid non-circular options

Find more details in the conclusions and recommendations prepared by Eurogypsum.

Presentations for download