Construction products: Towards a guiding regulation to support sustainability?

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July 11, 2022
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August 5, 2022
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The European gypsum industry’s views on the recently proposed revision of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

Plasterboard is a construction product widely used for residential and non-residential purposes.

Eurogypsum believes that the CPR is a good instrument to regulate the trade of construction products within the European Union. The March 2022 proposal is an ambitious basis to strengthen and modernise the existing rules, as well as to speed up the uptake of sustainable and circular practices in the construction product manufacturing industry.

We support the objective of making construction products more durable, repairable, recyclable and easier to re-manufacture.

The gypsum industry has engaged for many years to facilitate and boost the actual recycling of gypsum-based products such as plasterboards.

Pending a more detailed examination of the proposal and its expected impact, in dialogue with the Commission and other stakeholders, we have identified a number of elements requiring specific attention in the new proposal, to support the sector’s active contribution to sustainable construction and the objectives of the EU Sustainable Products Initiative.